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We have painstakingly recreated these classic old photos from the original black and white images to show the people of Africa in a way they’ve never been seen before.

Colourisation is a process that recreates colour in black and white images. While the exact colours can never be known, the technique has come a long way in the last few years.

We hope they bring you closer to the people and stories in them. Please share!


This is Renty, an African slave taken to America. This portrait was taken in South Carolina in 1850.



The Zulu Motor Cab, 1903. The original black steampunk.


That is just about he coolest Afro ever


A Kenyan man with a jam jar in his ear. For when you fancy a bit of jam on the go. Circa 1880-1923.


Two Susu musicians on djembe and balafon, circa 1937.


Cetshwayo kaMpande, the king of the Zulu Kingdom in 1878.


A pygmy drummer.



The Zulu Pool Players, 1903.


A young Nelson Mandela in 1937. He would have been around 19 in this photo.



This picture is simply titled Tam Tam, or drum.