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Oldest Native American Footage In Existence


Enjoy this rare and beautiful footage of native tribes of America, the First People. This video shows footage dating back to 1895, and a rare audio recording of Native American music from the same year.

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The oldest surviving footage of Native Americans is a film of members of the Sioux tribe performing the Buffalo Dance. It was filmed at Thomas Edison’s Black Maria Studio in New Jersey on September 24, 1895.

It also shows a few Native American feature films, including White Fawn’s Devotion (1910), The Invaders (1912) and Last Of The Mohicans (1920).

White Fawn’s Devotion was the first film directed by a Native American, James Young Deer.

The audio recording in the middle of the video was made in 1895 by Alice Cunningham and Francis La Flesche.  ‘He’dewachi’ Dance Song is traditionally played at ceremonies which celebrate the prowess of warriors.

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