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Thomas Edison was an American inventor who pioneered film-making in the US.  We’ve collected his first ten films and put them together in this video. Enjoy this gem of film-making history!


He was greatly assisted by director and inventor William K. L. Dickson and director of photography William Heise.

They were all filmed at Edison’s studios in West Orange, New Jersey.

Here’s the video:

From first to last, they are:
10. Carmencita
Filmed March 10-16, 1894
According to the renowned film historian Charles Musser, Carmencita, the Spanish dancer in the film was the first woman to ever appear in front of Edison’s motion picture camera.


9. Sandow
Filmed March 6, 1894


8. The Barbershop

Filmed before early March 1894

7. Athlete with wand


Filmed February 1894

6. Fred Ott’s Sneeze
January 2-7, 1894

5. Blacksmith Scene
Filmed April 1893


4. Newark Athlete

Filmed ca. May to June 1891

3. Men Boxing

Filmed ca. May to June 1891

2. Dickson Greeting
Filmed by May 20, 1891

1. Monkeyshines, No. 1 & No.2
Filmed somewhere between June 1889 and November 21–27, 1890
Believed to be the first film shot in the US.