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Ever wonder what London looked like over 100 years ago?

Our latest video, ‘The Oldest Footage of London’, features a collection of the oldest footage of various places around the great city of London. The video also includes maps and new footage showing side-by-side comparisons of the old and new.


The video features:

* 46 vintage shots of recognizable places in London from 1890-1920
* Added dates and maps to show where the camera was
* Amazing side-by-side comparison with modern footage of exactly the same spot
* The clip that is the oldest surviving footage of London from 1890.

Here’s the film:

As far as we know, a project of this nature and factual depth has never been undertaken.


We also love the feeling of seeing the horse drawn carts, people and old buildings. Nostalgia makes you reflect on your own life and leaves you with a sense of wonder because essentially, this is your story.


In March 2015, old footage was researched and collected from various credible sources. The original shots were then recreated by visiting sites across London. The footage was carefully matched up, arranged by location, dates and other facts were researched, maps and some great aerial photos were added, and it was finished off with a classy soundtrack.


Praise for ‘Oldest Footage of London’:

“Breathtaking film” – Ramzy Alwakeel, London Evening Standard
“Worth sharing” –
“Remarkable video” – Paul Vale, Huffington Post UK
“Love the Video!” – David Clack, TimeOut
“Deeply moving” – Jonathan Kruk, Storyteller
“Amazing beautiful work… I absolutely love your channel” – Sueb Raschio