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The Queen Is Not Amused That We Found The Oldest Film Of Her

Queen Victoria I that is!  In fact, this footage is the oldest film of a royal ever.  Filmed at Balmoral Castle on the 3rd October 1896, it shows Queen Victoria riding in the carriage with Tumi, her pomeranian.

The next shot is of Tsar Nicholas II and his family, and yet another excited dog.  In that shot is the Queen’s grand-daughter, Tsarina Alexandra and Tsar Nicholas II; plus her son, the Duke of Connaught and his spouse; and various royal children.

A servant at the back appears to have snuck into the film.  Naughty! We shall have him burned at the stake at once.


The phrase “We are not amused” is often attributed to her but there is no real evidence that she ever said it. In fact, she denied it. Those around her said that she “was immensely amused and roared with laughter” often.


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