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The Oldest Footage Of...

  • The Oldest Footage of Space
    We put together a video  compilation of the best old space footage – old films of space and space exploration. We did some digging to […]
  • Oldest Footage Of Native Americans
    Enjoy this rare and beautiful footage of native tribes of America, the First People. This video shows footage dating back to 1895, and a rare […]
  • The Oldest Footage Of Rugby
      While we’re all enjoying the Rugby World Cup, let’s take a moment to look back at some incredible rugby footage from 1901! The Oldest […]
  • Oldest Footage of Chicago – The Best Thing You Will See Today
    ‘The Oldest Footage Of Chicago’ is a breathtaking collection of the earliest motion pictures made in Chicago from 1896-1935. Our latest film features places such […]
  • The Oldest Footage Of American Football
    This awesome video shows the oldest surviving genuine archive footage of American football known to exist! The film shows a game between Princeton and Yale, […]

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